By crossing and the careful selection of plant material, in combination with our vast experience and expertise, we have established to provide to customers our current quality and quantity we offer today.


Walter Grootscholten auctions daily at the locations Naaldwijk and Aalsmeer. We also provide day trading and special orders for these 2 sites as well as to Rijnsburg.


Welcome to the website of Walter Grootscholten orchid nursery. We are a modern nursery of freshly cut-phalaenopsis orchids in De Lier, the Netherlands that supplies a wide range of cut-phalaenopsis year round in the Netherlands and around the world.
Walter Grootscholten is the sixth generation of the family growers Grootscholten. In 1972, his father Jan Grootscholten, began cultivating cut-phalaenopsis. Between 1972 and 1992 grew this area of ​​500m2 (0.12 acre)  to 4,500 m2 (1.11 acre)

After Walter took over the company in 1992, it grew to 12,600 m2 (3.1 acre) in 2006.
Walter works with a team of ten motivated employees to achieve a high quality and a constant supply, so that we can satisfy customers every day with our beautiful, fresh cut phalaenopsis. We achieve this with the help of the latest technologies, so we can provide quality all year round.